Nearby Places

Shakti Nagar

Shakti Nagar is a neighborhood situated along the G. T. Karnal road and near the main campus of University of Delhi, in the North district of Delhi. The Shakti Nagar colony has about 22 parks including the famous Nagia Park. All major banks are located near it. You will find several food chains, shopping markets, educational institute and hosptal in this area. Nearest Metro Station are Viswavidyalaya metro station and Shastri Nagar metro station.

Kamla Nagar

(Distance Appx. 200 Meters)

Situated next to the North Campus of Delhi University, Kamla Nagar is a lively market and a popular hang-out for college students. It is famous for popular fashion brands and spicy street food. The roads, spreading out radially from a huge roundabout, house several showrooms. The lower floors of the market house retail stores and restaurants while most of the upper storeys are residential quarters. A number of booksellers and publishers have their offices in this market, especially on the Bungalow Road. You may check out a few showrooms on Bada Gol Chakkar and Chhota Gol Chakkar. The McDonald’s and Domino outlets here are a big attraction for the young regulars. Kamla Nagar market is closed on Mondays. Kamla Nehru Ridge Forest, which lies on the east of Kamla Nagar has historic monuments such as the Mutiny Memorial, Flagstaff Tower and one of the several Ashoka Pillars. Ram Swarup Clock Tower lies on the southern edge of Kamla Nagar.

Delhi University North Campus

(Distance Appx. 500 Meters)

Delhi University North Campus: The north campus has the best colleges in Delhi, St. Stephens, Hindu, Miranda House and several more. The north campus of Delhi University has various colleges and institutions offering graduate and post graduate students to Indian and international students. The periphery of the campus houses out station students in hostels and PG accommodations. Within the arena you will find the best college in Delhi St. Stephens, Hindu College well known for its Arts faculty is across the road, further down is Miranda House exclusively for women. The north campus is also home to the famed Delhi School of Economics.

Kingsway Camp

(Distance Appx. 1.5 Kms)

It proves to be a great place for students as the place is in the vicinity of Delhi University. Students can find great rent deals. Police vigilance is high as the police training centre and DAP 4th Battalion and Police residential colony are adjacent to this place. Residential colonies like Hudson lane and outram lanes were established by DDA . Kingsway Camp Main Market has More than 300 shops and serves as a major shopping destination even for the adjacent areas (especially jewelry related) .
Landscape is lush green and two major grounds are POLO and Parade grounds. Rajan Babu Tuberculosis Hospital, Hans Charitable and New Life nursing home are among the few hospitals in the area. One CGHS dispensary is also there. The place offers a wide variety of food that is available in different restaurants such as Samrat, Ramble, Dinners, Cafe Coffee day, and pizzahut. Almost every CAT, IIT JEE and IAS coaching centre is present. Recently many CA/CS/CWA coaching classes have also been set up.